Monday 17th September

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Dear Readers,

Last Wednesday we went searching the city for the bridesmaids dresses. As mentioned previously I wanted something “non traditional” but still formal. I was looking for dresses that the girls can wear again and a style that would suit them all.

I have been thinking for months about particular colours and styles, but decided before we started that I would be open minded and know it when I saw it, similar to how I found my own dress.

There is some interesting fashion out there right now, and lots of different Spring/Summer dresses so it was the perfect time to go looking. We actually found the dresses pretty quickly, we were in the Miss Shop in Myer and we instantly loved it and I started telling my bridesmaid who was with me “I love it! Try it on!.”

It looked gorgeous on her, and it is in a style that would flatter all body shapes and I think will look nice on all 3 of the girls. Guess what colour it is? While I have had the idea of green in my head for so long, the dress is similar to:



Yes I do realise, it is quite orange! I also realise that I generally hate orange but it is kind of a dark coral colour and for some reason or other…I LOVE IT!

They call it “Mango Surprise” and suprisingly it compliments the greens that we will be having really well. So there you go! The dresses are silk, and look quite formal. They are knee length so the next step is finding some nice shoes!

If anyone who is reading this is coming to my wedding, don’t wear an orange dress!

That same day I had my makeup trial which I was quite happy with. She used a mixture of Napolean Cosmetics and Laura Mercier, and lots of natural colours…browns and beiges. I have heard a lot of fuss about the Napolean Primer, how it’s the “best thing ever” and only now that it has been on my face do I understand!

Before I started planning this wedding my aim was to stay calm…every day I feel like my sanity is slowly disappearing and I am getting more and more stressed about it all.


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  1. No probs Anna I can’t see myself in orange anyways.

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