Monday 11th June – The Rings

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Dear Readers,

It has been a busy long weekend here, and I haven’t had a chance to write an entry for a few days. Last night we spent some time looking through a wedding ring catalogue, which was quite an interesting experience. Fiance keeps teasing me and saying he is not going to wear a ring, but I found out he is just trying to stir me up…typical!

We needed to decide on:

What kind of metal?
If we did want gold did we want white or yellow gold?
What size?
Did we want a pattern?
Did we want matching?
Did we want diamonds?
Did we want fitted?
How many carats did we want?

I decided I want something plain, a classic white gold band, and fitted to my engagement ring. Fiance decided he would have white gold as well, but with a tiny pattern on it which is really just a couple of lines going across it.

I am still amazed my engagement ring was the perfect fit when he had it done all on his own, and I had no other rings for him to compare it too. Apparently for that he just told her my weight and that is how she worked it out.

Rings take a few weeks to make, and we still have to meet with the Jeweller once more before the process can start.

Then we will just have to get a gorgeous ring cushion for the page boy to carry them on.


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