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Hi, my name is Bronwyn and I’m a Bride-to-be. Doug and I met a hundred years ago and have lived together for about ninety-nine of them. We live in the majestic hills of Adelaide with our two small daughters and two scratch-happy cats in a cubby house that sways in the breeze and creaks in the gale force winds. Next year in June, we’re getting married. I thought I’d share with you the journey, the highs, the lows, the arguments and the general ridiculousness that comes with the mayhem.

So seriously, we have been together for thirteen years, engaged for seven and living together for twelve. We’ve done everything in the backwards order that you’re supposed to. We did get engaged first but then got pregnant and then bought a house (and then got pregnant again) and then decided to get married and make it all official and sin-free and all that fun stuff. Two years ago we had the date all set and half the necessary arrangements made and then Doug’s job changed and he couldn’t get holidays and wasn’t even sure he was going to be in the same state as me on the day we chose. So we had to cancel everything. I feel like I’ve done it all before but at the same time, there are so many more options and venues and choices.

Some days I wish we were back in the day when you got married in the backyard. My dad’s shotgun would rest between Doug’s shoulder blades, I’d be wearing mum’s wedding dress because let’s face it, another wedding dress is just a waste of the money we wouldn’t have had. The barbeque after would leave everyone deliriously full and content and they’d forget they were supposed to be speculating on whether I was pregnant or not. Then you’d wave us off in the old Holden station wagon and our new life would begin. No mess, no fuss, less chance for disappointment.

Now we have bridal couture and eleven million different styles, colours and price tags. Photographers are worth anywhere from $500 to $5000 dollars and we haven’t even got to cars, flowers, suits, the church. The list is endless. And so are the choices. So in this special little part of Beauty and Lace, I’m going to show you some of your options.

I’m going to give you some alternatives for your own wedding, ideas of how to cut costs if, like me, you’ve never won the lottery or starred in an action film and treat the world like your oyster. But I’ll also show you some beautiful ideas if you have cash to splash or want diamante shoes or a diamond encrusted necklet or even a designer dress. Because these are all the options we, as brides, have at our disposal when we’re planning the biggest day of our lives.

Thank God it’s wedding season! And welcome to my world!


  1. Pamela Ashman says:

    Hi Bronwyn

    I loved your column, and will follow your journey with interest!


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